Not sure what your Assets are doing?

Let us show you

Our goal at AktivHub is simple. We provide our customers with the best technology solutions available to help them better understand the Assets they use (and not use) and what they are doing for them.


From test equipment to trucks – we’ve got you covered.

Our Solutions Enable You to

Know where your Assets are

Our technology will show you where your assets are (and where it has been) in real-time on a map and what it’s currently doing. You can also set alerts in case your assets enters or leaves an area you have deemed important thus preventing theft and mis-use. With our technology you’ll never say “where is that asset?”

Track and manage Service on your Assets

Our software solution provides you with the tools to properly track, manage, support and maintain your assets. Generate service work orders easily and manage maintenance campaigns across your entire organization. Never again will you worry if your assets are being properly supported and kept in the best shape possible.

Realize and support your unique business activities

Gone are the days where you have to conform your business practices with a technology solution. Our software and hardware stack can be customized to support your unique business activities and operations easily and cost effectively. If you always wondered if something was possible – talk to us – we can help.

We firmly believe seeing is believing. Schedule a demo with us today and let us show you how AktivHub can support and track your Assets